Talk: “Participating in Demanding Digital Times,” Dec 13

Digital Discourses & Digital Interfaces

Read “Going off scripts: emotional labor and technoliberal managerialism”

Social movements, civic life, and digitality

Read Lemons or Lemonade? Beyoncé, Killjoy style, and Neoliberalism

Dissertation: Living a Participatory Life

Read a truncated version of Chapter 1, in the volume Local Theories of Argument

Read the conference presentation for Chapter 2, NCA 2020, “Digitizing Fictocriticism”

Read the conference presentation for Chapter 3, NCA 2022, “Installectual participation”


Syllabus for COMM398T: Digital Culture and Civic Life

Syllabus for IHON257SA: Digital Identities, Digital Politics

Read the CCP Research Team’s Communication Teacher essay about Rubrics