About me

Matthew Salzano presenting a workshop on creating Twitter Bots—October 21, 2019, at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Hi! I’m Matthew. I write about digital media, emotions, and activism.

I’m working on a dissertation entitled “Living a Participatory Life: Rhetoric in Demanding, Digital Times” that addresses creating rhetoric—and committing to its practice—under the participatory conditions intensified by surveillance capitalism.

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Political Culture in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland, where I also received my M.A. and a graduate certificate in Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degrees in communication studies and women’s and gender studies at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

At Maryland, I teach courses about public speaking, public deliberation, digital media, and rhetorical criticism. Right now, I am teaching “Digital Culture and Civic Life,” an upper-level communication course that explores the relationship of media-making, emotions, and ethics.

My scholarship has appeared in Women’s Studies in Communication, the Quarterly Journal of Speech, AoIR Selected Papers in Internet Research, and Communication Teacher. I have also worked as a Twitter bot-creator, video producer, and journalist.

Please feel free to explore my posts to see my work. You can also view my CV on Academia.edu by clicking here.

You can reach me on Twitter @matthew_paul or via email at mattsalzano (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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