My MITH 610 Portfolio

Podcast: Networked Diaries

For Intro to Digital Studies, MITH 610 (Spring 2018) at the University of Maryland, College Park, taught by Dr. Jason Farman. Inspired by: Stone, Allucquere, Rosanne. 1994. “Split Subjects, Not Atoms; or, How I Fell in Love with My Prosthesis.” Configurations2 (1): 173–90. Audio credits: “Night Owl” and “Love is Not” by Broke for … Continue reading Podcast: Networked Diaries

Repair Video: Galaxy S4

Repairing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Use the iFixit guide here: Song: “Siesta” by Jahzzar

Mobile app prototype: Grocery FindIt!

Sarah Spech, Darrian Carroll, and I made this “app” for our MITH 610 class. Check it out!

Poster: Paradise of Cookies

Aesthetically, the poster directly imitates “Acid Bath in Mai” by Fons Hickman. It is also inspired by “Personal Works Show Invitation” by Sussner Design (with the layering of text over images) and “Better Days” by cyan (with the b&w photography and the contrast of message/photo). The content of my poster is driven by a quote from Australian anthropologist … Continue reading Poster: Paradise of Cookies

Map: UMD Surveillance Cameras

For this assignment in MITH 610, we were asked to map surveillance cameras we found on campus. We also guesstimated the range of the cameras to see where one is seen on the Univeristy of Maryland, College Park Campus. Sarah Spech and I covered the Northwestern quadrant extending north from the Clarice and stopping on the … Continue reading Map: UMD Surveillance Cameras

Final project: Twitter Bot

#TeamRhetoric, Time, and In(ter)vention: Twitter Bots, Tactical Media For my final project in MITH 610: Intro to Digital Studies, I created a Twitter Bot. It now (as of May 16, 2019) tweets once a day. You can read all about it on my medium post, “#TeamRhetoric, Time, and In(ter)vention: Twitter Bots, Tactical Media.” As @RhetoricTweeter spews … Continue reading Final project: Twitter Bot