Get your socks (Letter from the Editor)

I haven’t been to the gym yet since school started. There was one day in the first week in which I was entirely prepared to go after class – I had shoes, shorts, motivation.

I forgot my socks.

I took it as an omen. It was a pretty bad excuse, especially considering my home is an extremely short five minute walk from campus. I should have kicked it into gear and hauled my lazy self to the gym. Instead, I think I went to the Mast office and continued my sedentary lifestyle, lounging around being less-than-productive.

This issue of the Mast is about going home and getting your socks. This issue tells the stories of Lutes who refused to let their missing socks keep them from working out.

Our cover features junior Kiana Calles, a young student-athlete-mother. Parenting, going to class and kicking butt in volleyball? She’s certainly staying active.

In culture, we hear the story of sophomore Dietrich Hanson. He’s got a band. And an album. And a release party. (I’m continuously feeling worse about not getting to the gym.)

One of my fellow Student Media managers, Jeff Dunn, writes about choosing active protest over passivity in North Dakota. Plus, he encourages an important message of active media literacy.

Perhaps the most important urge to activity is right below me on this page, where junior Austin Beiermann, civic engagement director for the Associated Students of Paci c Lutheran University, directs your a ention to registering for an upcoming presidential election.

This is my — and many of my peers’ — first presidential election to be eligible to be vote for. I’m extremely excited to put on my socks that morning when I go to the voting booth. (Except I’m a Washington voter, so I’ll just stick it in the mailbox.)

So whether you’re going to the polls or just to the gym, you can take it from the voices in this issue: go put your socks on. It’s time to get active.

Originally published in the Sept. 30, 2016 issue of The Mast

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