Announcing the LollaPLUza Lineup

lolla announced

LollaPLUza is back and better than ever with a new location, a brand new lineup and plans to exceed expectations.

LollaPLUza is going to be held May 9 on Pacific Lutheran University’s lower campus behind Tahoma Bakery on the former PLU golf course.

Senior Morgan Woods, LollaPLUza event planner and ASPLU Traditional Events Programmer, said via email that this location will allow a more realistic concert festival experience with more space for staging, activities and tabling from student organizations.

The festival will still incorporate the community of its former location, Garfield Street. Woods said all vendors have been invited to participate in the event.

The annual LollaPLUza concert festival headliner, Solzilla, was announced last night at Battle of the Bands. The Mast is pleased to announce the full lineup of LollaPLUza 2015.

Headliner: Sol 

aka “Solzilla”Sol

Pronounced like “Saul” and known by his fans as Solzilla, Seattle-native Sol Moravia-Rosenberg was described by The Seattle Times in 2013 as “the next Macklemore.”
Hip-hop magazine XXL identified him as a “budding MC to keep your eye on.” Sol’s musical style is reminiscent of Macklemore (who was also a LollaPLUza performer) — a mix of pop and rap with socially-conscious messages tied together by a plethora of synth and guitar.




The Student Media Board has sponsored Lemolo, a PLU favorite, to make an appearance at LollaPLUza 2015. Lemolo is a celebrated Seattle-based band known for talented leading woman and songwriter Meagan Grandall. The band is releasing a new album at an undisclosed time this year. More information is available here.




J-sherriJ-Sherri is a Montana-based band with a unique mix of electronica, R&B and pop. The Missoula Insider said their live show “tries to bring a club-banger-inspired sexuality combined with an electronica-noise-punk sound,” with a strong desire to get people dancing.
The groups newest album, “j,” is available for free on Bandcamp.




THE FAME RIOTDescribed by KEXP as a “super glitzy duo” whose aesthetic is like an early 2000s fantasy strongly inspired by Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. In their words to KEXP’s blog, “even if you’re deaf you can dance to [our] music – you don’t even hear, you can feel [the beat].” More info is available at their website.



Dude York dude york

Dude York is a “bratty, batty blend of pop and punk,” according to The Seattle Met. The Seattle indie trio’s most-recent full length release is “Dehumanize,” which was released in January 2014. The group also just released a new demo, “Something,” on their website  at the beginning of this year.


homeless manHomeless Man

No, ASPLU did not invite someone from the streets. Homeless Man is a Silverdale band that plays jazz-influenced folk rock music.
They have released multiple EPs available on their Bandcamp page.

This was originally published on the front page of The Mooring Mast, PLU’s student newspaper, on April 10, 2015. It’s available online here

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