‘Waste Not’ provides food for thought

NOV. 14, 2014 –– In the U.S., 40 percent of food produced is wasted — and that equation just doesn’t add up.

This is the message in Pacific Lutheran University’s newest MediaLab documentary, “Waste Not,” which premiered Nov. 8 at the Broadway Center for Performing Arts in Tacoma, Wash.

The event was much like the movie: almost entirely student-produced. The event was introduced by PLU seniors Anne-Marie Falloria, Amanda Brasgalla, Taylor Lunka, Olivia Ash and junior Grace Takehara. The five MediaLab associates told the story of the film — the timeline, the travel, the donors and the experience.

“We’ve learned a lot about food and how it’s wasted,” Lunka said. “And we’ve learned a lot about ourselves.”

The film, which ran approximately 30 minutes, was produced mostly by students. The team of senior producers included Lunka and Brasgalla, and Ash was the chief videographer and narrator.

“Waste Not” focused on more than just how and where food is wasted. It also focused on what individuals can do now about food waste.

Finish this story: http://mastmedia.plu.edu/2014/11/14/waste-not-educates-about-practicality-in-food-waste/

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