Big name, bigger list

OCT. 3, 2014 –– The 2014 Tacoma Film Festival (TFF) has something for every moviegoer. Fans of any genre will find something they like in the week-long film festival packed with 100 different films.

This is the biggest year yet for TFF. TFF Marketing Manager Zach Powers said it keeps growing every year, like any good art festival.

The films have never been shown before in the South Sound region, and many showings will be accompanied by filmmakers.

“I don’t think anyone who enjoys film as an art medium will have any trouble finding a few films that they’re excited about,” Powers said.

The films aren’t the only exciting part. This year, TFF will be joined by Leonard Maltin, legendary film critic and historian. He is famous for his regular contributions in Comcast Cable and television shows such as “Entertainment Tonight.” TFF organizers hope that Maltin is the beginning of a trend of national names to vist TFF.

Read more at Mast Media:

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