From Emmy’s to ‘Emily’

SEPT. 26, 2014 – The question every Lute is trying to answer: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Juniors Camille Adams and Rachel Diebel are on their way, and students get to watch.

Diebel and Adams started answering the question in their freshman year. On assignment from The Mooring Mast, they created a video package together to accompany a story.

Former General Manager Storm Gerlock found out that Adams wanted to be a screenwriter. She encouraged Adams and Diebel to write and produce a show for Mast TV and they liked the idea.

“We literally just decided to,” Diebel said. “If we had known what it entailed, we would have never had done it. But since we were so naive, we were like ‘we can just film a thing,’ like ‘that’s fine!’”

Two years later, Adams and Diebel are best friends, housemates and entering their third year writing original series for Mast TV.

Last year, their second show, “Impressions,” contained six episodes, totaling sixty minutes of content. These sophomores’ attempt proved to be quality.

She’s making Adams a T-shirt about her Emmy nomination.

Finish reading at the Mast Media website:

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